Stand concept
and design

For us, the meticulous respect of the design brief is as important as the little bit of creative madness we add to the mix when designing your stand. Rigour, innovation and creativity, our teams will do everything possible to provide you with a fabulous design that showcases your brand name and products to perfection.
Want to discover our ideas that will enhance your expertise, honour your values and represent your brand personality? Contact us!

  • 200 Stands designed every year
  • 12904 Satisfied-customer smiles
  • 261 Kilometers of carpet laying
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Grands Moulins de Paris - Europain - stand IDEE FIXE

Commercial architecture
and design

Designing and building sales outlets, shop fitting, restaurant layouts, office layouts.. we create the right chemistry between design and fitting to create a new atmosphere, to maximise employee performance and to satisfy your customers.
Our mission is to provide you with a great-looking, effective and functional working environment. Giving it a bit of character and a touch of mischievousness is our guilty pleasure.

  • Redesigned spaces 151
  • Restaurants made more welcoming 160
  • Now galvanized employees 54
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The building

From the design studio and the first sketches to assembling the stand at the exhibition hall, discover how your stand or commercial space is designed and created. A chain of know-how where each link works together to bring your project to life.
Authenticity, creativity, technicality, sincerity.... we do our uttermost to give you the best service possible.


design studio


In the creative design studio, Loïc is drawing a sketch of a stand, Thierry is hesitating between two shades of magenta and Anthony is imagining a trendy and attractive new showroom to reflect its owner. Whereas Franck is playing a game of table football to gain inspiration! Our designers are onhand to understand your needs, to bring your dreams to life and to add a touch of imagination to your commercial spaces.

I was very glad to learn about the design process at IDEE FIXE! Between art and pscychology, they listened attentively and put my ideas down on paper..... Thomas, Project Manager

Technical design

Welcome to the technical design studio, the rallying point for geeks. They navigate with CAD tools between 3D models, floor plans, sectional views, electrical diagrams....
Jean-François, Hervé, Loïc, Nicolas and Patrick work on the creative ideas that won you over, in accordance with the technical details in the brief. It is thanks to them that your exhibition stands and commercial spaces are taken from the early stages of a simple creative sketch to the final stages of a detailed technical plan.

It is always impressive to see a drawing come to life on screen. It is so easy to imagine what the project will look like once finished ! Hélène, Project Manager



It is in our workshop that the technical plans take shape. Carpenters, electricians, painters... a team dedicated to creating your project from start to finish, including the signage !
Norbert surrounded by Étienne, David, Stoyann, Yannick, Pascal, Jérôme, Nicolas, Thomas, Pierre, Philippe and Romain work on each stage of the fabrication process with the greatest of care. They are also very good at table football......

Benoït, Event manager


Floor laying, furniture assembling, light setting, last dabs of painting, product positioning.... During the assembling phase your stand comes to life. In France or abroad, it is the team that helped create the stand in the workshop in Granville that is in charge of assembling the stand in the exhibition hall.
It is this destination that will accommodate the fruit of our combined labour, the subject of numerous discussions and the many litres of coffee necessary to get the project completed..

Speed, creativity, skill... you are ensured a complete, personalised and professional service. Nothing is missing! Éloïse, Brand Manager



You like your stand, you have developed a close relationship with its reception desk area, its attractive colours, high stools and touch-screens? Arnaud and Stoyann know how to store it in the best possible conditions. At our head-office in Granville, we have a large storage area of 3 000 m² so that you can re-use your stand year after year.

We return every year and use the same stand. It is always refurbished and seems like new for each event! Solène, Maketing Director