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Norman at heart and
of pure creative stock

Granville is to our design team what the Canal Saint-Martin is to hipster parisiens: a rallying point and an unbeatable source of inspiration. The colours of La Manche, the episodic apparition of the sun, the subtle shades of the sand, sea and norman sky inspire us with an endless palette of colours for imagining, designing and creating your communication spaces.

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An oyster in one hand, an iPad in another, we design unique exhibition stands and commercial spaces - 100% iodized.

An enlightened idea
about Idée Fixe

  • 50 shades of grey,
    green and blue
  • 14 spectacle-wearing employees,
    but not only that....
  • 1 company spirit
    nourished by ocean spray
  • 1000 lots of ideas in mind,
    but one fixed idea

But which

Listening, studying, costing, counting

Whether it's Tiphaine or Zoë that welcomes you, they will help you to quickly feel at ease and share their enthousiasm with you. And just as if you were invited to take a seat on a couch, Franck, Eric, Jean-Gabriel ou Jules take over : understanding your project, discussing your needs, providing the best advice, finding solutions, selling, selling and.... Lastly, they are the bridge to Samuel who is in charge of costing and quotations.
At the end of the chain, Harold in accounts will often say to you, 'Speak to you soon !".

bureau paris 6
facade vitrée

Drawing, scribbling, colouring

Drawing lines, underling contrasts, diffusing light and breathing life into your projects inspire us everyday. Thus, children have a better understanding of our passion than their parents, because a sketch book and a few pens are enough to keep us happy.
We cherish the idea that a great commercial space can help you accomplish your projects and exceed your goals.

Measuring, sawing, painting, assembling...

Playing with shapes, depth, lighting, electronics... our creative team are never short of great ideas for modulating a space to reflect your image. But it is the ingenuity and magic of our technical teams that bring them to life!
Hidden away in the workshop, armed with drills, plans and lasers, they accomplish their missions like an army of Jedi Kinights for commercial architecture. Join the Light side of the force.....


Our finest

Creatives, geeks and builders, our collaborators know how to handle a Pantone colour chart or modelling software as well as a sander. A palette of know-how to which each person brings their own shade of skill. From the studio to the workshop, passing via accounts, each collaborator at IDEE FIXE contributes to the harmonie and richness of our creations. We think highly of our profession and would love to share it with you.

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  • Human


    Main biological and cultural feature defining men and women who make up our teams.

  • Authenticity


    Could be used to define a Corsican Figatelli or an Austrian cello, but for us it indicates one of our key values at Idée Fixe

  • Sincerity


    When we tell you that the yellow in the logo goes terribly with the brown carpet... we can't keep quiet about it!

  • Technique


    Your dreams are brought to life by our collaborators through experience, know-how, ingenuity, listening skills and finesse.