Trade fair and show stands

Trade fair
and show stands

Exhibitions, professional events and other trade fairs are unique opportunities for building a close and strong relationship between your visitors, clients and prospective clients, and your brand, products and services. Our extensive experience and expertise in the design and production of stands for exhibitions and fairs are key assets. Want a spacious but welcoming stand? A practical but unique stand? We have more than just a few ideas in mind... come and meet us to find out more ! Get in contact!

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It's good to want a stand that embodies your brand or company. We certainly won't tell you any different! But determining exactly what you want to achieve with your stand is even better. Our specialists listen first to your expectations, needs and the results you want from your stand. Our team of experts then assists you at every stage, from design to production to installation. Always maintaining one idée fixe – that you must be seen in your best light, that you must always stand out from the crowd! Your personalized stand will becomes the centre of everyone's attention, the place that catches the eye and creates a buzz at your professional events. From lighting effects to optimized spaces, practical layouts to unbridled creativity, never be afraid to captivate and wow your visitors.


Exhibition stands that combine practicality and originality


Your brand is unique. Your stand should be too. Inviting your visitors into your brand universe by receiving at a stand as original as your business. Inventive by nature and creative by vocation, our designers use their renowned expertise and inventiveness to come up with wild ideas. And, even better, this originality is used right through to their high-quality production! We take huge care over the design and production of comfortable and ergonomic stands that ensure an irreproachable work and reception environment. Whatever your needs, our exhibitions stand will meet every one of your requirements.
With an Idée Fixe exhibition stand, you open up a whole host of possibilities, where commercial objectives are combined with the showcasing of your brand image !

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