Commercial architecture


See commercial architecture in a new light! Combining innovative design with a practical layout, an idea that unites the desire for a personalized atmosphere and the design of a pleasant workspace, taste for aesthetics and a love of good craftmanship. Idée Fixe specializes in commercial architecture and will help you adapt to this idea, supporting you throughout your project. Get in contact!

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Making dream interiors a reality

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Idée Fixe are above all professionals, architects specializing in retail/store planning. For these interior design lovers, every office, store and showroom layout is a new challenge. Entrust them with your interior design dreams and desires, and allow their expertise and experience to make these a reality. From architectural choices to furnishings and fittings, we meticulously respect your company's personality and values, requirements and expectations. Providing you with an additional spark of comfort and aesthetics to increase your company's performance, that's our idée fixe.

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Making everyone feel at home


Feeling good in a commercial space increases staff efficiency and encourages customers to buy. This is how we see commercial architecture. To achieve this feeling of wellbeing, our staff follow a methodical and well-established process. After a phase brainstorming your marketing strategy and exploring your wants, needs and aesthetic preferences, we suggest commercial interior design projects that reflect your brand, values and the atmosphere you want to create. From spacious areas that facilitate freedom of movement to practical installations, we strive for accessibility and comfort, and personalization of your commercial space with strong aesthetics.

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An eye for attracting attention

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Experts in techniques for optimizing the visibility and communication of business services, our teams helps you promote your brand universe through your interior design. From décor that brightens up the space to lighting that increases the feeling of wellbeing, our specialists know how to make your professional locations stand out with sometimes nothing but great ideas.

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