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An employee whose work environment gives them a feeling of wellbeing is a happy employee. And a happy employee is a more productive employee. It's just simple common sense. And at Idée Fixe we have plenty of that. Our ideas and office design solutions are therefore designed to optimize user space and comfort.
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There is an office style for every business and every company. And although practicality is often what people seek first and foremost, a pleasant working environment centred on the wellbeing of its users is essential. Our office planners will guide and advise you on your office design, providing you with solutions designed to achieve optimum results.


Office design that makes you feel at home


Method, practicality, pragmatism, efficiency and productivity. These are the guiding words for a workspace, a professional office. To these qualities, our office designs add the aim of creating a pleasant setting that encourages peacefullness and is a source of productivity. From lighting choices to decorative touches that match your aesthetic style, our designers go the extra mile to add creative soul that will make your office stand out from the crowd.

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Office design that reflects you


Because you only have one chance to make a good first impression, make sure the first contact between your office and reception, and its visitors is the right one. The same goes for your staff, who will work better the more welcoming their professional environment. Idée Fixe assists you upstream and downstream, from brainstorming to production of office designs, via the design of your open space areas and meeting rooms. We are committed to ensuring we understand every inch of you and your staff's daily reality, as well as your wants and needs, in order to provide not just a solution but a solution that is perfectly adapted and bespoke.

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