Interior design for doctor’s surgeries

Interior design
for doctor's surgeries

The relationship between a doctor and their patient requires, above all else, a feeling of trust and privacy. However, although the layout of a doctor's surgery has to respond to a certain number of standards and rules regarding confidentiality, its interior design and décor must also reassure and soothe patients. Get in contact!

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A doctor's surgery that makes you feel instantly better


Whatever your speciality or profession (doctor, nurse, dentist, vet, chiropodist, etc.), a doctor's surgery with a soothing and reassuring design right from the reception will foster trust that immediately puts your patients at ease. The interior designers at Idée Fixe are at your side to find the solution most adapted to your needs and to create an atmosphere of wellbeing that takes into account your aesthetic preferences.


Here to take care of your waiting room


Our interior design experts fully understand the important role the waiting room plays in a patient's wellbeing. This feeling of reassurance builds trust. Our specialists pay special attention to recommending design solutions that create both a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We are also aware that decorative items here are key - your patients pay particular attention to their surrounding environment in this type of situation. Our engineers never stopping thinking about the little details, creating a special area for kids and another for adults dedicated to peace and tranquillity.


Surgery designs that ensure privacy


Confidentiality is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a doctor's surgery. Confidentiality between a patient and a doctor is essential for creating a relationship of trust. Drawing on their extensive planning and design experience, our experts use all of their knowledge to offer soundproofing solutions to ensure confidentiality, décor choices that create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, areas reserved for patient confidentiality next to the examination room, and fluid circulation within the surgery... we leave nothing to chance.

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