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For Voltaire, "The best is the enemy of good". Except in ergonomics, where "the best" is the friend of "good”. In fact, staff work best when they feel "good" at their work station. A comfortable and well-designed workspace encourages optimum, productive working conditions. That's why, at Idée Fixe, we do our "best" to make your staff feel "good". Get in contact!

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Ergonomics in a few words


What is ergonomics ? It is the science of adapting the work tool to the person in order to increase productivity. Put like this, it sounds a little cold and dispassionate, but behind the term ergonomics are solutions for wellbeing and comfort at work that benefit everyone, making it a win-win for employers and staff.


Tell me how you work and I'll tell you the best ergonomics


Above all, our ergonomics experts immerse themselves in your work environment to observe and study it so they can understand your needs, analysing workplace habits, staff behaviours, and time spent sitting or standing in front of screens…


Bespoke workspace ergonomics


When we design your workspace, we use the best ergonomic solutions for the office. We apply those that create ease, increased comfort, improved practicality and better wellbeing at each workspace. Our goal is achieved when your staff feel better in the office and their productivity increases. From the accessibility of storage spaces to the fluidity of movements in the workplace, we carefully study every detail capable of improving working conditions.


Feel good at work

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The open-space work area is the ideal configuration for encouraging ideas to circulate and increasing discussion. But if it is not well-designed, it risks hindering concentration and comfort. Our specialists help you put in place the most suitable office ergonomics solutions, from lighting to soundproofing, via air-conditioning and workspace layouts, to offer you and your staff optimum work satisfaction and increased productivity.
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