Eco-friendly stands


Sustainable development is today a key goal for all economic players.
We feel certain that eco-design makes it possible to combine creativity, recycling and a reduced environmental footprint, and so work tirelessly to conserve resources as far as possible.

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Sustainably developing our performance


Wood, water, electricity, oil, and other consumables... the design and manufacture of a stand requires many resources and, in addition to its financial cost, represents an environmental cost. Our teams will never scrimp on their creative energy or enthusiasm whilst creating your stand, but they will take care to ensure judicious use of resources and favour environmentally friendly practices.
To this end, we reuse materials as far as possible, and prevent waste by reusing stands whenever we can, repainting partitions, and recycling flooring not used by the public, etc.
We ensure that the wood used in our products comes from sustainably managed forests.
We are also dedicated to reprocessing all materials. We have special skips for sorting waste. Carpeting is recycled, chipboard is given a new life as panelling... and we pay particular attention to the elements found in the products we use, favouring the use of certified, water-based varnish and glue.
And to help us succeed in this goal, we rely on the services of a provider who carefully processes all of our waste.

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