When the ephemeral
becomes part of the sustainable

We are convinced that tomorrow is written today.
This is why we are in the process of obtaining ISO 20121 certification
guaranteeing responsible management applied to the event business.

Sustainable development is a major challenge for all economic players.
We are constantly striving to do better
while preserving resources as much as possible.

Logo ISO 20121

Our priorities

of our waste

  • Selective refuse collection
  • Recovery of coffee grounds
  • Recycling of batteries and lighting
  • Recycling of solid wood, plywood, carpet, chipboard
  • Recycling of scrap metal and aluminum


  • Selection of wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Alliances with service providers who meet the same requirements of reliability and quality
  • Rental and use of recycled furniture
  • Selection of water-based varnishes and glues
  • Stationery purchases from social enterprises

Well-being of our

  • Integration of disabled employees within the company
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Purchases of corporate textiles in rPET (sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants)
  • Organization of convivial events between employees and families


  • 100% French manufacturing in our workshops in Normandy
  • Strong incentive to reuse the stands for the following editions (storage in our 6000 m² workshops thus avoiding waste production)
  • Incentive for “zero waste” during lunch breaks
  • Recycling of all our chemicals by a specialized company


Idée Fixe is a member of Leads, a collective aimed at promoting and defending the design and stand professions and supports l’UNIMEV the Union Française des Métiers de l’Événement; representing all the actors of the professional meeting