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Although digital and virtual technologies are now part of our daily lives and changing our behaviours, nothing will replace the store experience for consumers, that genuine feeling of immersion in a brand's universe. Purchases in physical sales points still have their best days ahead of them and, supported by the Idée Fixe team, so do your stores.
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Of course, a store's location plays an important role in its success. But what you do with it, your vision of the store layout and its interior design are essential drivers of its success. Our interior designers have a wealth of ideas and solutions for designing your store exactly the way you want it! Showrooms, pop-up stores and boutiques... trust in our expertise and let us to surprise you, enchant you and above all "thrill" your clients and visitors.


Store design that is as unique as you are


From the interior design of your sales point to the creation of your front window, there is only one step. One that our store design specialists stride through with style and passion. The first visual contact between passers-by and your store, your shop window must create strong appeal, giving people the desire to enter your store from the moment they see it. This goal is always at the forefront of our minds when designing such spaces. In parallel, we brainstorm with you on how to create the best possible "customer journey" and a personalized layout that matches your brand universe and merchandising strategy. Our experts design and produce high-quality, long-lasting bespoke furnishing that harmoniously integrate into your defined universe. Our common goal is to create a store, boutique, showroom or pop-up store whose interior design quickly generates profit thanks to high customer traffic.


And just like that ! Your pop-up store is here !


You are no doubt aware that the pop-up store has, for some years now, been the "hype" trend in retail outlets. What major brand hasn't, for just a few hours or days, set up a pop-up store to launch a new product or to showcase their brand image through the strong visual impact and originality of these new sales points? Idée Fixe uses all of its creative talent to design your pop-up store, where originality is rivalled only by its impact on visitors.

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