Idée Fixe + Maé Agencement

April 2021

Idée Fixe takes over Maé Agencement.

A synergy is taking place between these two companies with complementary know-how.
Indeed, the first one imagines and realizes projects of sustainable architecture (offices, shops….) and ephemeral (stands) intended for the professionals while the second one conceives and manufactures furniture for these same arrangements for the professionals but also the private individuals.
The 3 Idée Fixe partners are accompanied by Vincent Bindet, already a partner in the Maé Agencement adventure, and their objective is to breathe new life into the Normandy-based company whose know-how and excellence have been recognized since its creation in 1985.

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Idée Fixe is a member of Leads, a collective aimed at promoting and defending the design and stand professions and supports l’UNIMEV the Union Française des Métiers de l’Événement; representing all the actors of the professional meeting