Passion Froid

Exp'Hotel 2021

A straw hut atmosphere in the middle of winter on the Passion Froid stand at Exp'Hotel 2021

Nos forces

The request

Create a surprising, coherent stand with an important offer.

The + Idée Fixe

Designing and building a stand with a straw hut atmosphere in the Bay of Arcachon. Create a visual link on the ground and in the air thanks to garlands of lights installed between the main hut: the "Playa Pomona" and the smaller huts: the oyster hut, the market gardener's hut, the Tapas hut...

stand immersif

Related projects

Idée Fixe is a member of Leads, a collective aimed at promoting and defending the design and stand professions and supports l’UNIMEV the Union Française des Métiers de l’Événement; representing all the actors of the professional meeting